Hello parents, graduation getting close. We would suggest you start getting gifts for your seniors.
Hello parents, graduation getting close. We would suggest you start getting gifts for your seniors.
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Binance CEO calls out Buffet, Ripple Exploding after Moneygram announcement, Ethereum Flippening 2.0

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I am not a crypto expert. I am only giving my perspective based off the information I researched. I encourage everyone to do their own research and formulate an opinion.


"Warren Buffet is making a big mistake by not understanding bitcoin", says Binance CEO. Warren Buffet remains skeptical, believing that it will come to a “bad ending”.  Zhao says that he respects his expertise, but believes his underestimation of the blockchain isn’t smart.

Buffett confirms he doesn’t know anything about bitcoin, but he has still said on multiple occasions that he believes bitcoin will come to a bad end. I respect Buffet and his opinions, but I agree with Zhao on this one. I see bitcoin great investment long term because it is open source and there isn't one individual in charge.



Ripple is Exploding. Moneygram has partnered with Ripple to use their cryptocurrency in money transfers. Moneygram stock spiked 13%. XRP went up 2.24%.

Ripple is consistently going up because of how good they are at implementing their tech with financial institutions. Their team is good, and their currency will continue to go up as long as they stay on their course. Ripple is an industry leader right now. I am in support of what they are doing. The moves they have been making have sped up blockchain and cryptocurrency technology adoption.



Is Ethereum Gearing Up For a Flippening 2.0? Ethereum has risen up to more than 50% of bitcoin’s market cap at $128 billion. Many people have speculated that bitcoin has reached its peak and now Ripple and Ethereum will begin to overtake it.

Ethereum processes far more transactions than bitcoin and does a lot of things that bitcoin doesn’t. In comparison, I continue to see bitcoin as the best long term store of value, while Ethereum provides more use cases, so I see it more closely correlated to a regular company stock investment.


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