Hello parents, graduation getting close. We would suggest you start getting gifts for your seniors.
Hello parents, graduation getting close. We would suggest you start getting gifts for your seniors.
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Microsoft re-enables bitcoin support, Ripple CEO discusses blockchain implementation with Singapore's monetary system, Brazil supports Ethereum's Blockchain technology implementation for their voting system

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Last week Microsoft removed the ability to pay in bitcoin, likely due to its volatility. Microsoft has recently confirmed that you can now pay with bitcoin again. 

Large companies are an important factor in determining the adoption rate of cryptocurrency. Microsoft is an industry leader, and will likely influence numerous others within the tech industry to follow suite. Hopefully big players across all industries open up to the idea of crypto within the next couple of years.



Ripple's CEO has discussed implementation of its blockchain with Singapore's monetary system to improve cross-border payments.

Ripple has been way ahead of the game in terms of their blockchain technology adoption. They're technology is gaining more influence and credibility within the industry, setting them up for long term success. Right now we are in early stages of crypto. Currencies are placing their flags down and setting up their foundations.



Brazil's petition voting system is an inefficient system and requires loads of paperwork. Ricardo Fernandes Paixão has developed a solution involving Ethereum Blockchain technology that records and stores digital signatures. The Brazilian government supports the initiative.

Any system that requires high levels of security and trust have potential to incorporate blockchain. Just like Ripple, Ethereum has been looking to expand their blockchain technology globally. You get payed according to the difficulty and importance of the problem that you solve. Blockchain technology not only increases security, but it also decreases labor hours, so Ethereums decision to extend their reach to the voting system is a smart move.


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